Discover, the Easy-to-Use Analytics Tool by ThinkOwl

Data is everywhere. Think about how much valuable data you generate from just a few customer requests. With this data, you can know much more about your customers and understand what your business can do to improve customer experience. That's why analytics for businesses is important to measure and improve the entire customer experience. Every business should have easy-to-use analytics tools. These allow them to take action on the ocean of service interactions that their customers and business generate.

Analyzing data from reports to improve customer experience is more than just presenting numbers and figures. It requires a much more drilled down approach to record and uncover data to present the findings in an easily digestible manner.

What if I told you that there's an easy-to-use advanced analytics and reporting tool, which helps you go beyond presenting numbers? Yes, it is possible with Discover.

Demystify data and turn into insights

Discover means instant analytics for you. You get quick access to the customer data that matters and a deeper understanding of your customers and business.

Here's how you can gain deeper insights into the customer journey and then turn those insights into better customer experiences.

1. Work with pre-configured reports

Who wants to spend hours generating reports? No one. You need insights pronto, right? That's why Discover gives you pre-configured reports.

It offers a 360º view of your customer satisfaction score, man-hours saved, and team's performance. All this, in a simple, easy-to-configure dashboard.

Many of these reports have advanced drill-down functionalities for you to examine the underlying details of the data. You can customize these reports or the dashboard, to contain and communicate the data in any way you want. Generating instant analytics without a smart tool can get complicated quite quickly. So creating pre-configured reports with Discover, is super easy and also unique to your business needs.

2. Create customizable dashboards

Reporting is indispensable for every customer support helpdesk. Similarly, a well-structured helpdesk is as crucial as the reports generated from it. Such helpdesks can give a lot of data that you can transform into insights to optimize the support process. With Discover, customizing your dashboards is incredibly easy. You get a variety of facets and gadgets to use. Facets help you analyze a large set of content, where you can easily include or exclude any items from the results. They provide detailed insight into all different aspects and dimensions of your content. Gadgets are the various types of reports that users can select from, in Discover. You can customize these reports according to your business needs. Drilling-down within these reports happens based on the selected facets. Discover has four different gadget categories (chat, table, custom table and KPIs) and more than 20 gadgets to choose from. 

You can choose any gadget based on the type of report you need and customize almost all of them. Not only this, a variety of KPIs are at your disposal to monitor, analyze and report specific customer support actions or behavior. You can create customized reports easily by editing gadget elements in Discover. These, in turn, help gain a deeper understanding of various business metrics like agents' productivity, group productivity, the volume of individual customer interactions, rate of complaint resolution, topic dependencies and a ton more, all available in just one glance of your Discover dashboard. Just click "Add" to create your customized reports, dashboards and layouts. Measure the right metrics to monitor your teams better. And gain a deeper understanding of any key performance metric at a glance by viewing the dashboard.

3. Auto-analyze topics from customer conversations

As part of a customer support team, you spend all of your time dealing with customers and the data they create. But when it comes to making sense of this pile of data, you'll have to wait for data analysts and complex tools for even the smallest insights. What if I told you, you could change that? With Discover, you get the control to harness insights from your customer support data.

ThinkOwl has built-in AI to drill down into an individual support conversation and create topics from it. For instance, you have many inquiries coming in for a refund for a particular product, say a hairdryer, over a period of time. ThinkOwl self-learns that agents Eric and Anna put these cases under the refunds section. The helpdesk knows that similar cases coming in the near future will go in refunds and thus creates a topic named "Refunds" automatically. You can also create custom topics on your own. Discover helps you to monitor and organize your conversations by topics. So, by the end of a month, you know exactly how many inquiries you’ve received for refunds of hairdryers and can take actions to improve the product quality to meet the customers' expectations.

4. Gain predictive insights

Recognizing customers' issues in real time is important to make informed decisions for your business. ThinkOwl remembers what worked effectively last time, suggests the next move and provides predictive insights. Such insights work best for both agents and customers.

Knowing your customers inside and out helps you grow faster. When customers see that you care about their needs they become your biggest brand evangelists. Discover does predictive analysis on every customer interaction on the helpdesk. Drawing out contextual information from every customer case helps in estimating demands even before the customer raises a query and allows your support team to improve efficiency and quality. A customer wants responses at super fast speed. If you don't know what they want exactly, you still may be far from delivering exceptional customer service.

Advance analytics in action

If you are unable to comprehend KPIs across topics, teams and channels, you're not alone. I bet the struggle to generate insights from data is real for your business.

But with Discover, you get to know what's getting between your customers and quick support. The tool lets you understand customer behaviors, so you get the right balance between customer and agent experience.

To get your team to act, you need to share insights, and Discover offers you more than uncovering insights. It brings those insights to action: starting from creating reports, printing them, sharing them as PDF or exporting them as CSV to presenting them. Just with a click of a button, you can showcase reports on your dashboard and a lot more. Discover optimizes support performance, influences product decisions and gives you all the control to drive how your business operates.

Wait, it doesn't end here. Isn't making customer experience better what you aim for? When you mobilize your insights in a way that they are driving your business to improve your customer service. It means customer satisfaction (CSAT) is also taken care of, which means your business grows with everything you do in Discover. Want to drill-in more into ThinkOwl's advanced analytics? Give it a whirl today.

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