Bringing Customers And Businesses Closer With Technology To Create Awesome CX

The road to offering amazing customer experiences is replete with challenges for brands.

Should customers' expectations go unmet, they can transform from impatient to downright fiery. They can even go to the extent of untying the knot with your brand due to a single instance of a bad experience. 

You know that modern customers are a discerning bunch! Their expectations are constantly reaching new heights. Most importantly, they are all about savoring memorable experiences rather than just accumulating material possessions.

From a company's point of view – customers' expectations must be met at any cost!
But what do consumers expect? They expect Stellar CX! Be that with availing a product or seeking support. The experience should be premium. There can be no margin for error!

By harnessing the power of technology, you can stay connected with customers and align with their expectations, delivering 5-star customer experiences.

How does technology come to the rescue?

Let us take a moment to think about the following roadblocks and the ways out. 

  • What if your customers seek help at 3 a.m. in the morning? 

No worries; the AI bot or virtual assistant will handle common queries, understand customers’ intents, and deliver appropriate responses.

In case of any critical query that the AI Bot cannot resolve, the ticket will be automatically routed to the concerned department for its due resolution. 

Self-service tools can also play a crucial role in allowing customers to resolve issues independently.

  • Thousands of customer queries in a day – How to handle this vast ticket volume when every individual customer expects a prompt and personalized resolution? 

Simply by employing automatic sorting and smart case categorization mechanisms.

Auto-classification of tickets/cases helps route customer queries to suitable service agents based on their skills, letting them work on it immediately and ensuring faster response and accurate resolution.


  • Suppose your customers want to contact your business via their suitable channel – How do you deal with the inflow of customer inquiries from different sources?

A unified multichannel case inbox is the answer to this headache. Inquiries from email, social media, chat, phone, messenger apps, etc., will land inside the same inbox. Service agents do not have to switch between tabs.

Also, customers can connect to your brand via any of their preferred channels.

  • Repetitive tickets, unrealistic demands, frequent complaints Do your agents spend too much on manual labor?

Implement automation technology to streamline workflows. 
No need for manual handling of repetitive tickets. No more mundane work.

Automation helps perform tasks with minimal human intervention and will revolutionize companies by increasing efficiency.

  • Are your customers happy, enraged, or dissatisfied with your service? How will you get to know that and take measures to amend it? 

Satisfaction Surveys and Sentiment Analysis triumph in this regard. These awesome features aid in fetching customers' feedback and decoding their underlying emotions.

Moreover, advanced analytics and reporting systems can further help businesses take necessary measures and drive revenue!

Technology is a lifesaver for businesses

The examples above show how technology brings businesses and customers closer. Technology is a driving force for brands to provide customers with desired outcomes successfully.

Research by HubSpot states that around 86 percent of service teams say a helpdesk system improves their productivity. Additionally, among high-growth service teams, 51 percent are reliant on helpdesk systems.

Ideally, Technology is at the heart of it all.

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Brands can build stronger bonds with customers using technology 

Technological solutions like AI-powered digital customer service software (ThinkOwl) can improve every aspect of your service operations, including online customer experiences, engagement, loyalty, brand reputation, and data security, besides broadening the scope of your revenue streams. 

Take full advantage of technology to be the CX Champion! Sign up for a 30-day free trial now.

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