Proven Methods To Empower Customer Support Teams

As your business grows you realize the necessity of having a dedicated system to attend to your customer queries.

Effective and efficient service is one of the pillars on which a successful organization thrives.

Henry Ford famously remarked, A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”

Even though his words have wisdom, managing such a business successfully is easier said than done.

Staff Turnover is a reality for every organization, no matter how hard you try to stop it. The term refers to the annual average percentage of employees who leave the organization in a short time or after certain intervals. While the average industry benchmark is 15%, the call center industry has an average attrition rate of 30% to 35%.

Employee turnover can happen due to a number of reasons, and if talented staffs exit in large numbers it can result in high costs, low morale, frequent redistribution of workload, loss of time, knowledge, and poor quality of service passed on to customers. All these things can hurt your brand value.

Give your employees the right tools

To evolve into a high-performing service center, you need to give your agents a sense of purpose and consider your customer service department as an integral part of the company.

That means thinking about your agents before they are sent to the frontline.

Using the right tools to serve customers can help you be prepared for an increase in the volume of tickets, keep all your agents on the same page, manage tickets, create or obtain detailed reports, etc. and foster a healthy work culture.

Servicedesk software like ThinkOwl facilitates growth, promotes clear communication, keeps your agents empowered and updated with contextual customer data, as well as helps you plan and support the customer journey effortlessly.

Using the right service desk software helps you manage growth and makes the overall experience satisfying and manageable for your support teams, directly translating into happier customers.

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Desirable qualities of a service desk software

A service desk software keeps your customer support system on track and lets you devote adequate time to more pressing issues.

Such software must increase employee productivity through better case management and drive their KPI.

It must be cost-effective and ensure that more work gets done with the least amount of allocated resources, proper workload balance, less manual work on mundane issues, and automation of repetitive tasks.

Servicedesk software should ideally perform the following functions:

  • Identify potentially complicated tickets that require immediate attention without wasting time.
  • No unnecessary repetition of the problems faced by customers.
  • Instantly respond to customers and delight them by giving due importance to their problems.
  • Annotate cases and take the first step towards resolving your customers’ problems with intelligent, automated mailing systems.
  • Keep your customer service teams ready and happy with important information about a customer or the reasons for the ticket before beginning the resolution process.

ThinkOwl is an AI-powered service desk software with which you can optimally answer customer inquiries from all channels. ThinkOwl service desk helps your customer service with:

— The fastest response times
— Highest possible automation
Intuitive operability

How? Let’s take a look

1. Sorts all service tickets automatically

Suppose you appoint an agent whose sole responsibility is to go through all incoming service tickets, sort them according to their categories, prioritize them and assign them to relevant support teams.

Can you imagine how tiresome it would be, not to mention a higher probability of error due to the manual system?

With ThinkOwl, all your customer inquiries are sorted automatically. AI sorts through the messages in a central inbox according to the topic and urgency.

Dispatcher AI, a feature in ThinkOwl’s servicedesk, employs advanced AI capabilities to classify incoming cases to the correct categories and displays the performance of its classifications.

It does not matter if it is an e-mail, chat, or social media message. Intelligent sorting leaves your agents to attend to more pressing work, leading to greater efficiency.

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2. Context-based distribution of service requests

Routing service requests to the appropriate helpdesk require a certain degree of intelligence. A service desk software like ThinkOwl uses AI to route and assign tickets to relevant desks and agents.

3. Let AI do your routine work

Emailing and messaging customers is an integral part of the service. Thus, manually typing long emails with sets of data to hundreds of customers can be a tiresome process for service agents. ThinkOwl’s AI intelligently reads and structures the content of messages. It saves time.

The AI implicitly learns how the cases are handled along with explicit training cycles, and suggests content similar to the ones you wish to create for up to 95% of all queries.

4. Share knowledge contextually

Instead of letting valuable information remain siloed, use your service desk to share knowledge with different teams. With ThinkOwl, service agents can see all relevant information about tickets. The software can be trusted as a repository of client information.

That’s not all. ThinkOwl learns implicitly and suggests suitable answers to frequently asked questions encouraging customers to find a resolution to their problems. 

Empowered customers = happier agents!

5. Workflows backed by intelligent automation

Long turnaround times can be very stressful for your customers, and if queries go unresolved within a promised time, the situation can get very difficult for service agents.

With ThinkOwl automation, workflows are streamlined and no valuable time is lost in forwarding cases to appropriate helpdesks. When certain actions are taken on an account, cases are automatically marked and picked by relevant agents for action.

6. Let guided mode be your north star

Identifying critical cases and giving them due importance can save your agents’ turnaround time and improve productivity.
Streamlined workflows result in faster, efficient service and ultimately happier customers

ThinkOwl’s Guided Mode prioritizes cases automatically and simplifies agent workflows by drawing out the most important cases to them, one by one.

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ThinkOwl’s intelligent features ensure that before your agents attend to tickets, they are:

  • Already assigned a category.
  • Intelligent fields auto-extract customer data to create a valuable customer data bank.
  • Contextual knowledge and case data along with smart responses are already suggested to your service agents.
  • A list of agents experienced in handling cases similar to an incoming ticket is auto-suggested.

Whenever your customer support team begins work, ThinkOwl’s servicedesk guides your agents in carrying out innovative case handling using AI. After all, the key to a great Customer Experience is a happy, empowered service team. To know more about how ThinkOwl can help your service agents deliver a smile on your customers' faces sign up for a 30-day free trial now.

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