This Christmas, Let ThinkOwl Be Your Santa!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

Norman Peale’s description of Christmas is perhaps the most appropriate way to convey the holiday mood.

Christmas is that time of the year when the festive spirit is at an all-time high. It’s also the time when excited holiday shoppers tend to take over most retail platforms, as well as over a fair share of your sanity.

But what’s Christmas without gifts? During the holiday season, behind every hustling shopper, there's a person trying to ensure a smile on their loved one’s face. After all, millions look forward to Christmas for the cheer and festivities.

"Tis the season to be jolly and ace customer service!”

We can speak only about the merriment and cheer of the holiday season, but that will not take away the sleigh-load (pun intended) of customer service issues that are bound to arrive during all the Christmas shopping.

Learn from Santa. Start preparing early

Imagine the horror if Santa didn’t start his preparations on time and did not make arrangements to deliver your presents on Christmas Eve. Would you be happy? Of course not!

Similarly, your existing strategy to deliver a great customer experience (CX) may not work during the holiday shopping season. Most often, businesses don’t make any special arrangements on how to handle service tickets during the Christmas rush until it’s too late.

There has been a marked transformation in the way people shop. Today’s consumers are well-versed in “phygital” (a combination of physical and digital) shopping platforms and are trying to get the best deals.  On the other hand, you need to ensure that your customers and agents get the best of your brand experience.  How will you create an appropriate action plan?

Create a support strategy that ensures Christmas isn’t ruined by the holiday shopping rush, and be ready to deliver an exceptional experience that’ll make your customers feel valued.

Know your customers

One of the first things you should do before any shopping season is to try and understand your customers. What influences their buying behavior? Use that information to increase sales and deliver exceptional customer support.

Compiling customer attributes based on demography, shopping choices, behavior, etc., helps you create broad categories of typical customer qualities (buyer personas).

Creating personas is another way of segmenting and identifying your target customers from afar.
The results? Streamlined and targeted advertising, better conversions, reduced marketing expenditure, and better ROI (return on investment).

Popular customer profiles

Take a look at some common shopper profiles based on their frequently exhibited qualities:

  • Traditional Christmas Shoppers - Who plan their shopping weeks in advance.
  • Brand Loyalists - Those who are selective with brands they shop from. Best to develop a personal touch with them over time.
  • Connected Shoppers - Who are diligent about their shopping and make purchasing decisions after going through reviews from friends and family.
  • Impulse Buyers - Those who make instant purchase decisions and generally cannot say no to great deals. They are the most prized class of shoppers for merchants. Often, a healthy chunk of marketing and advertising is directed to them to allure them into making more purchases.
  • Experiential Shoppers - These are those who love the complete experience and value the memories that are created during shopping. Whether in-store or online, they appreciate the effort taken by merchants to woo them and often turn brand loyalists.

Business ecosystem during Christmas

  • eCommerce continues to lead across various product categories while physical shopping remains subdued.
  • A Deloitte Study says that almost 40% of US retailers expect double-digit online channel growth. The average shopper spent US $924 when shopping online last year, as against $440 when shopping in-store.
  • Engagement with digital platforms remains high, and e-commerce will likely contribute almost 60% of businesses' total earnings.


Supporting businesses not just during the holiday season, but all year round in an organized manner requires smart helpdesk software that’s intelligent and intuitive.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Santa Claus could come bearing gifts that took care of most of your ticketing and customer service issues and make Christmas fun for everyone?

We hear you.

"This Christmas, let ThinkOwl be your Santa and help you handle ticketing and customer service issues."

ThinkOwl is an AI-powered service desk software with which you can optimally answer customer inquiries across multiple channels. The software helps your customer service with:

  • The fastest response times.
  • Highest possible automation.
  • Intuitive operability.

Let’s see how.

Christmas is a peak holiday shopping season, which means a spike in tickets and service requests. A spike in call volumes doesn’t necessarily have to be taxing for your agents or customers.

ThinkOwl helps you rank high in the customer satisfaction scale with a helpdesk that is smart, intuitive, automates most manual tasks, and facilitates robust case management that increases the overall efficiency of your service agents.

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Reduce AHT

Long average handling times (AHT) can be very stressful for your customers, and hurt service quality. With ThinkOwl automation, workflows are streamlined and no valuable time is lost in forwarding cases to appropriate helpdesks.

Let AI do your routine work

ThinkOwl’s AI learns how to handle service tickets from agents and remembers the solution provided for various cases as they come by. The smart engine learns autonomously and after a little training, it comes up with intelligent suggestions that help in faster case resolution.

Dispatcher AI

Dispatcher AI in ThinkOwl employs advanced AI capabilities to sort incoming tickets to their relevant categories.  The feature has a unique capability to sift through customer messages from across multiple channels and route them to appropriate desks according to the topic and urgency.

Improved communication

ThinkOwl’s AI helps you with your communication to customers and saves agents from typing long emails with similar data to clients and partners. The AI implicitly learns the nitty-gritty of ticket resolution and suggests accurate customer responses for up to 95% of all queries, thus saving time.

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Predictive insights and smart responses

Empower your agents so that no customer query remains unanswered. ThinkOwl keeps your agents updated with minute-to-minute details of what their customers want. The predictive insights and suggestions keep improving as ThinkOwl remembers what worked effectively last time and suggests the best next move.

Smart Responses help you get the best out of your customer support teams with minimal supervision and effort. Powered by AI, Smart Response helps you drive up your customer satisfaction score with thoughtful, contextual, and timely messaging.

Guided mode

ThinkOwl’s Guided Mode provides a dedicated view of cases to agent supervisors and allows them to see which agent is working on which case.

This feature gives supervisors an overall view of the case assignments all in one place.

It prioritizes cases automatically and simplifies agent workflows by drawing out the most important cases to them, one by one.

Encourage self-help with Knowledge

ThinkOwl’s Knowledge is an information repository containing product information, training manuals, self-help guides, and answers to frequently asked questions. It helps customers and agents find answers quicker and eliminates data digging or application hopping.

Multichannel support

ThinkOwl serves multiple channels at a single helpdesk, so you don't have to juggle channels to respond to your customers. Stay connected and manage all your service requests from a variety of channels like social, email, text, chat through a central inbox.

ThinkOwl facilitates growth, promotes clear communication, keeps your agents empowered and updated with contextual customer data, as well as helps you plan and support the customer journey in an effortless manner.

What are you waiting for? Unbox Happiness with ThinkOwl.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial to learn more about how ThinkOwl can help your service agents bring smiles to your customers' faces.

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