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ThinkOwl combines human and machine learning
for service excellence.

Skills shortage is a major constraint to growth. ThinkOwl supports employees with relevant information and actions so they can engage customers with consistent excellence.

Powered by artificial intelligence, ThinkOwl drives effortless customer experiences in context — and produces valuable insights for your management from across all customer touch-points.

ThinkOwl – learns captures understands processes

The principle of reciprocal intelligence

Happy Customers


feel cared for,
are supported 24/7,
grow into biggest fans.

ThinkOwl Empowers Agents


adapts human behaviour,
empowers agents,
makes everyone happy.

Agents Become Smart with ThinkOwl

Service Agents

work smarter,
find solutions faster,
close more cases - in less time.

ThinkOwl empowers Agents.
Agents empower ThinkOwl.

ThinkOwl works in perfect synergy with your customer support team.

Agents use ThinkOwl data to work smarter and find solutions faster.

ThinkOwl analyzes agent behavior and adapts to handle cases more effectively.

It’s a system of reciprocal intelligence.


How AI empowers service excellence
Customer Support Software powered by AI

And it doesn´t end there.

ThinkOwl compiles data from every single customer interaction and figures out

what it means. When all the numbers are crunched, you’ll know exactly what your customers love, hate, want and need today. You could even anticipate

what they’ll ask for tomorrow.

That’s how you make people stay in love with your business. And how you make your business stay, well, in business.


How to start using AI in ThinkOwl
Omnichannel Customer Service with ThinkOwl
ThinkOwl is Smart

Smarter action

  • Capture more detailed and actionable data
  • Help leaders make business decisions based on robust and
    reliable data
  • Give customers what they want, before they know they want it

Faster reaction

  • Connect with, serve and satisfy customers across all channels — consistently
  • Manage more complex cases — without any extra manpower
  • Resolve customer issues quickly and proficiently
ThinkOwl is Quick
ThinkOwl Builds Customer Trust

Customer satisfaction

  • Cut down on customer complaints
  • Build customer trust
  • Happy customers = Loyal customers

How is AI shaping the future of work

Read on to know some mind-blowing use cases of how to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve the way you work dramatically.


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