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14 Helpful Tips To Deliver Great Customer Service

Customer service is more than a business goal for modern enterprises today. When done right, it can become the vista through which brands attain their goals. These goals are a motivated workforce, a healthy return on investment (ROI), patronage of repeat subscribers, and positive brand recognition.  


Implementing ThinkOwl’s AI-Powered Chat Tool For Conversational CX

In this insightful blog, we will delve into the ever-evolving world of chat, a communication channel that has fundamentally changed how we interact, connect, and collaborate in this digital era. We will explore the impact of AI bots, also known as conversation bots, and how they enhance the effectiveness of chat as a powerful communication channel. Let us begin.


How Conversation Bots Aid Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce isn’t a new buzzword anymore. Rather, it’s a business imperative that has transformed how people shop.


The Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots In Customer Service

The world today is experiencing the magic of artificial intelligence and the customer service industry is no different. AI in customer service has been seen in the form of chatbots that are well equipped with conversational software to help navigate customer queries and has evolved to do so much more in recent years.


Customer Service: Are Chatbots Better Than Human Agents?

Are chatbots better than people at scaled communication?

This question has a myriad of objective truths hidden behind it. We’re all witnessing the wave of automation in customer service. Industry leaders are now forecasting advanced AI-powered responsive chatbots to take over at scale like never before. Gartner suggests that 47% of organizations will use chatbots for customer care, and 40% will deploy virtual customer assistants (VCAs).