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Effectiveness Of Smart Tools To Overcome Customer Service Challenges In The Insurance Industry

Customer inquiries in the insurance industry are often issue-driven. Clients reach out to the companies at critical points when they apply to initiate a plan, when they seek information regarding a scheme, when they find any change in policy, and ultimately when they make a claim.

Due to this constant communication flow, insurance companies face increasing pressure to address the high load of tickets. The tickets can be related to three main factors. For instance: 

Underwriting Procedure: The underwriting procedure is a vital process undertaken by insurance companies to assess the possibility associated with insuring a particular individual, entity, or property. It involves evaluating various factors, such as the applicant's age, health condition, occupation, lifestyle choices, and the nature of the property to be insured. It includes all the steps from the initial application process to wait time to receive a quote, to the overall customer's underwriting experiences. 


Importance Of Digital Communication Systems In Logistics

Blog Summary: A robust communication and information processing system always optimizes operational efficiency in logistics throughout the movement of items from manufacturing units to the end-users. This article unfolds how a unified platform can help improve service quality at every stage of the supply chain, and increase the support team's productivity to address the growing customer demand for faster delivery.


AI Helpdesk Software Acts As The Backbone For Service Companies

Imagine you have a quality product in place at a competitive price. But you fall flat to deliver the service that your customers expect from you. Do you think they will stick to your brand? Most likely, they will leave sooner or later.

In a cutthroat competitive market, consumers measure a company's performance with each interaction. They might abandon the brand with one bad experience. On the other hand, these customers can turn into loyal brand advocates with remarkable service experiences.


Understanding CCPA And Its Impact On Customer Support Centers

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect earlier this year, compelling organizations with operations or customers in the state to comply with certain data privacy and security mandates. For contact centers, however, CCPA compliance might not be optional as California accounts for nearly 12% of the U.S. population. So, there’s a good chance your customer service team processes California citizen data.