Deliver Human-Centered CX In A Tech-Powered World

How are you delivering personalized touchpoints for each consumer in this challenging economic environment? We are all being asked to do more with less, and although well-intentioned, this advice puts many people (from across varying business functions) in a spot of bother. Not anymore, though.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for organizations of all shapes and sizes to function efficiently in a frugal manner. To economize your business without compromising on efficiency, you need: 

  • The right mindset (to run your business).
  • The right people (who can help you).
  • The right systems (that can allow business processes and workflows to function without any glitches). 

There’s much talk about the need to be customer-centric in order to win and retain today’s connected customers. However, that’s easier said than done at scale, in real-time, and across multiple channels.

If you’re leading a customer success initiative, the importance of a customer-centric mindset within your teams and the desire to improve customer experience (CX) rules supreme. With the technology available, brands should try and utilize it to improve the customer’s experience. Make use of all the innovations in tech to delight the consumer. 

To achieve this, a cross-functional ecosystem is necessary. Establishing one can help break down silos between customers, service agents, and the teams you collaborate with, making working together easier and creating a seamless customer journey.

ThinkOwl’s latest publication

ThinkOwl’s new eBook, How Can You Deliver Human-Centered CX in a Tech-Powered World,” aims to help entrepreneurs create a strategy where they can utilize technology to optimize their client experiences. In addition, it will help you create a checklist of the things to consider when planning and running a successful business that brings customers value. 

Key topics covered in this eBook:

  •  Importance of delivering on customers’ promises
  • Value-driven growth tactics
  •  Significance of top-notch customer experiences
  •  Responsibilities of customer success teams
  • Outcomes of the human-machine alliance

ThinkOwl’s new eBook explains to readers in the simplest terms the essence of customer success and the reasons why it is necessary for modern businesses. You can access well-researched content to deliver fantastic customer experiences by clicking on the link to
download it here.

With this eBook, you will get an easy introduction to the concept of customer value. The content provides valuable guidance to position yourself as a brand that drives customer success. Besides, helping you identify and remove friction from the customer journey to deliver better CX. 

How to create a frictionless customer journey

Creating a frictionless customer journey is neither easy nor impossible. An organization that provides frictionless customer experience has a business model driven by customer value. Being value-driven does not only mean you limit yourself to only creating products and services with features and functionality that embody that value. It also entails removing everything that may distract or create barriers. Eliminating friction drives customer expansion wherein customers willingly renew their subscriptions. 

Besides giving readers valuable information on how to create frictionless customer journeys, the eBook can: 

  • Help entrepreneurs identify all the potential pitfalls that prevent customers from enjoying a pleasant experience with their brand.
  • How to avoid mixed messages by having complete control of your brand across all channels in your buyer's journey.

How to meet rising customer expectations and prevent churn

For customer service and success teams, merely providing satisfactory customer service will not cut it. Customers expect more from them. So, on the one hand, we can see customer expectations increase. But on the other hand, we can also see barely any tolerance for subpar service. As a result, customer success professionals and service agents are torn between ensuring successful product/service outcomes and firefighting sudden customer churn. Providing value-driven outcomes creates stellar CX.

With the ThinkOwl eBook  “How Can You Deliver Human-Centered CX in a Tech-Powered World,”  you can help you scale your marketing and sales campaigns, deliver those customized touchpoints, and enhance your ability to strategically meet your goals from cart abandonment to delivering onsite conversions. And you can do it without more headcount.

How to deal with customers who don’t communicate

Not just the initial buying cycle but rather the entirety of the customer’s experience demands your complete attention. Even the most negligible disruption in service doesn’t feel so small to the customer. After single instances of unsatisfactory service, customers break up with companies and look for replacements. This puts a serious question mark on a business’s capacity for long-term survival
and growth.

Paying attention to the voice of customers (VoC) helps businesses keep tabs on their customers by taking stock of their needs, taking care of their wants, understanding client expectations, and streamlining the delivery of products and services as per their personal preferences. When businesses pay heed to VoC, their customers are satisfied. Thus improving the brand’s overall CX.

You can find more helpful tips in the eBook on how to collect VoC and utilize them to offer a stellar experience to customers.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this eBook:

  1. Understand the changing nature of customer service
  2. Know what customers care about in customer care
  3. Identify the various causes of friction in customer service 
  4. Pinpoint how friction in service can decrease customer lifetime value
  5. Identify challenges faced by service teams in delivering value
  6. Reduce customer frustration that plagues typical service experiences
  7. Minimize agent frustration that keeps teams from peaking in both satisfaction and performance
  8. Determine the various roles played by customer success managers, help desk managers, administrators, and agents to improve customer experience and drive customer value
  9. Make service available across multiple touchpoints with new forms of AI and automation that leave a lasting impression
    on customers
  10. The transition from a system of only acquiring information to a system where valuable insight is exchanged through
    transparent communication

Download the eBook to learn how customer success and advancements in tech can benefit your organization and enhance the overall customer experience. This eBook can help you transform your organizational goal from being a service team-led entity to a
customer-led brand. 

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