Third-Party Software Integration With OwlDesk

Rapid technological advancements have empowered the development of software solutions capable of addressing various challenges. To fully leverage technology's potential, it is essential to extract the benefits of each software or application and direct them toward providing value to users. This is why choosing software with robust integration capabilities is crucial. These integration features enable entrepreneurs to gain deeper insights into their customer service operations and optimize the value and advantages existing legacy applications offer.

Software integration can take many forms, but the primary types of integration are API Integration, Data Integration, and Application Integration. 

API Integration: Application Programming Interface (API) integration involves connecting different software systems through their APIs to enable communication and data exchange. APIs define the methods and protocols for interacting with a software application, allowing for seamless integration between systems.

Data Integration: Data integration involves combining data from different sources and formats into a unified view, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. This can include integrating databases, data warehouses, and other data sources.

Application Integration: Application integration involves connecting different software applications to work together as a single, cohesive system. This can include integrating CRM systems, ERP systems, and other business applications to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

How third-party software integration works?

The integration feature ensures that ThinkOwl's OwlDesk service desk software becomes the primary application for your support team. It simplifies all critical aspects, such as case management, workflow optimization, information flow, data extraction, resource management, and end-user support.

APIs, a collection of communication protocols and subroutines for software programs and applications that communicate with each other, make integrations with OwlDesk possible. 

OwlDesk comes loaded with a host of application programming interfaces (APIs) covering almost every functionality expected in a modern AI-powered customer care and support solution. The rich APIs allow businesses to integrate software applications with OwlDesk and utilize its services to manage users better, boost support performance, and leverage extraordinary business intelligence to gain data-driven insights into customer metrics.

Most modern APIs adhere to specific standards (typically HTTP and REST), which enable APIs to be developer-friendly, self-described, easily accessible, and understood broadly.  OwlDesk's API is a standardized JSON-based REST API. It does not support XML. RESTful endpoints are documented with the HTTP GET method for the request and partial resource identifier. OwlDesk APIs not only aid businesses in innovating their products and services but also help improve security and can be monitored and managed for performance and scale. 

OwlDesk offers you many tools to carry out integrations by yourself. And, if the need arises, the OwlDesk team is always ready to provide you with additional assistance when integrating specialized enterprise applications. 

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Data democratization due to integration

Integrations allow your business applications to “talk” to one another, liberating valuable client/process data from silos, thus ensuring the free flow of communication. That means integrating non-proprietary software and third-party enterprise applications with OwlDesk, your AI service desk software suite. OwlDesk can make the data within those custom/third-party applications accessible to users across the organization. 

Easy access to information empowers your brand representatives to gain a holistic view of client data across all company systems, which improves their situational awareness of customers and their issues. Utilizing OwlDesk application programming interface (API) lets you obtain and exchange customer data from third-party applications. That means your support teams do not have to look for important client information at multiple locations when solving cases. 

OwlDesk API displays information from existing systems when relevant to the case. You can also transfer the customer data extracted back into those systems. The OwlDesk API grants agents access to important contextual data within the OwlDesk customer service ecosystem. The API also updates all the necessary applications with updated information — ensuring you have access to updated and unified customer/business data across all applications.   

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What makes third-party software integration with OwlDesk valuable for your business?

Third-party software integration capabilities with your OwlDesk software suite give your customer service teams the power to provide accurate and personalized resolutions to customers’ issues and ensure your brand earns its rightful place in the league of exceptional CX providers.

Some of the benefits of third-party software integration are:

Aggregates information: It promotes efficient data management by providing a centralized/unified application to your business teams to ease collecting, sharing, and working with customer data without the hassle of application hopping.

Prevents data siloing: Bi-directional API integration allows your service desk with third-party software integration features to communicate and exchange information with other business-critical programs.

Minimizes repetitive manual tasks: It helps you eliminate redundant activities in your customer support processes, like manually entering data multiple times into various business applications. 

Alleviates application compatibility issues: The software that supports third-party integration eliminates support issues that arise when working with multiple business applications.

Intelligently manage tickets, seamlessly exchange data between multiple software applications, ensure frictionless omnichannel communication, and deliver a memorable service experience to your customers. Adopt OwlDesk for your business and delight customers with the best service and support. Sign up for a 30-day free trial now.

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