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Automate Your Customer Service With Event Triggers In ThinkOwl

Brands are cautious about how they treat their clients. To help customers in their journey, brands rely heavily on automation apart from various other support tools.

Business owners invest in market research and lean on marketing tools that increase customer satisfaction levels. In fact, customer retention strategies determine who becomes a market leader. Not surprising to see that retention strategies constitute a lion’s share of your budget.

Automation helps businesses readily serve customers resulting in a massive increase in their client base and return on investment (ROI).

Adding to the treasure trove of automation in ThinkOwl, Event triggers allow you to speed up customer issues by automatically carrying out certain predefined actions. In the long run, the smallest action can enhance customer satisfaction.


Utility And Benefits Of ThinkOwl's Smart Responses Powered By AI

Customer service today has become highly automated and for good reason! When businesses use tools to automate tasks, it helps resolve problems quickly and meet consumer expectations.


Dispatcher AI — an Advanced Feature in ThinkOwl to Auto-categorize Customer Tickets

Assigning cases are a common phenomenon in service centers. However, should you wish to implement a more efficient and streamlined workflow to this process, then Artificial Intelligence is the way forward.

On a typical day, an agent receives a myriad of customer tickets. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to manually extract, search, or sort these cases at once. And this calls for more profound, machine-assisted analysis, which can automate the process.

Dispatcher AI, a functionality in ThinkOwl Helpdesk, employs advanced AI capabilities to classify incoming cases to the correct categories and displays the performance of its classifications. The salient functionalities of Dispatcher AI are:


ThinkOwl’s AI Wizard: An Intelligent Mechanism to Simplify Case Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality for many businesses, allowing them to take on complex issues with human-like problem solving abilities.


AI Helpdesk Software Acts As The Backbone Of Service Companies

Imagine you have a quality product in place at a competitive price. But you fall flat to deliver the service that your customers expect from you. Do you think they will stick to your brand? Most likely, they will leave sooner or later.

In a cutthroat competitive market, consumers measure a company's performance with each interaction. They tend to abandon the brand with one bad experience,. On the other hand, these customers can turn into loyal brand advocates with remarkable service experiences.


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